Apply OXISTAT Lotion without touching the infection!

Ask your doctor about the 30-mL bottle of OXISTAT Lotion, which features the interdigital applicator for precision application—so you don’t have to touch the infection when applying OXISTAT Lotion!

Oxistat Lotion

How to apply OXISTAT Lotion

To get the most out of your treatment, apply OXISTAT Lotion once or twice daily for the full treatment time, as directed by your doctor.

Step 1 Wash hands

Step 1: Wash your hands before and after using OXISTAT Lotion

Step 2 clean and dry

Step 2: Clean and dry the affected area before using OXISTAT Lotion

Step 3 apply Oxistat

Step 3: Apply OXISTAT Lotion to the affected area

Step 4 continue

Step 4: Continue to use OXISTAT® Lotion for the amount of time indicated by your doctor

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